Disinfection, purification water air surfaces by
ozone, oxygen, hydrogen - O3 O2 H

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Our job

OZONE EXPERT masters the exceptional oxidizing powers of ozone, allowing to face the problems of bacterial, viral and fungal sanitation and disinfection. The applications of ozone can be found in many areas of production such as :

-Wine-growing: Treatment of disinfected water in tanks for spraying on the vines, disinfection of cellars, barrels and vats.

-Hotels Public spaces: Disinfection and treatment of odours in rooms or common areas, ozonated water spraying to replace household products, treatment of laundry with cold ozonated water.

- Commerce, butcher shops and delicatessens: Disinfection of cold storage rooms, cleaning - disinfection of floors, laboratory, tables, tools.

- Laundries: Washing clothes in cold ozonated water.

-Veterinarians: Disinfection of cages, tools, tables and space in the presence or absence of animals.

The company

OZONE EXPERT, a French company created in 2018, is the result of the union of high-level technicians on ozone control, acquired for a long time in the service of companies.

Our design and method offices work with the most efficient factories worldwide.

Our technicians, regularly trained by the factories, focus on upstream technical framing, installation, customer training on our installations and after-sales service.

Our customers are our first ambassadors.

Our services

Engineering, Design & Manufacturing

We design Ozone solutions adapted to your activities:

- Ozone generators with customised functions
- Integration of our equipment in wastewater treatment plants
and sewage systems
- Latest generation automation, with remote control, data logging, etc.
- We control all the instruments used
in the fields of water and air


We analyse the specificities of your water to evaluate the quantity of ozone needed:

- Decrease in COD, turbidity, colour and odour
- Decrease in the concentration of heavy metals, suspended and dissolved matter

- Changes according to temperature, pH, etc.
- The quantity of ozone to be applied then consumed
- Submission of a file final containing all the results obtained

Installation and start of production

Your Ozone equipment perfectly installed and calibrated :

- Installation of plumbing, electricity and pneumatics
- Installation of equipment and accessories
- Configuration of the system and automatisms
- Start-up and vérification of the operation of the equipment
- Submission of a start-up file

Maintenance and repair

You benefit from a high-performance equipment for several years:

- Preventive maintenance of all installed systems
- We have all spare parts in stock
- Repairs in case of failure, in our factory or on site
- Hotline support in case of failure
- Emergency repair services


We offer you a 2-year warranty included in the purchase price.

Our repair and maintenance workshop is located in Plabennec and guarantees you a 48-hour turnaround time, excluding transport, for the maintenance of your equipment.

Our workshop and its engineers are at your disposal for any technical implementation study.

Our workshops are equipped with the most recent technologies to guarantee the maintenance of your equipment (dissolved ozone controllers, bacteria controllers, gaseous ozone generation controller).

Workshop open 5 days a week.

Our values

Listening to the client

Listen to the customer. Its problems are the basis of a coherent expertise.

Compliance with commitments

Commit to doing what is possible to keep the promise.


Listen to the customer. Its problems are the basis of a coherent expertise.

Customer Satisfaction

It's in the company's DNA.

Our Team

Our sales team and our technicians will advise you in the choice of products. Ozone Médical has the most efficient tools: Gaseous ozone controller, dissolved ozone controller, bacteria and virus controller, test bench. Our technicians and engineers are in permanent contact with the manufacturers' design offices. Training is the assurance of a rare technical skill.

, Company, Air ozone disinfection

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