Disinfection, purification water air surfaces by
ozone, oxygen, hydrogen - O3 O2 H


For a better way to clean

Leave your chemicals on the shelf

Developed from half a century of experience in the cleaning and facility management industries, SANZONATE aqueous ozone is a fully sustainable, natural cleaner/disinfectant that is harmless to humans and animals, but deadly to bacteria, viruses and other pathogens. Sanzonate reduces the use of chemicals, the consumption of single-use plastics and the overall environmental impact.

Unlike other Aqueous Ozone systems SANZONATE works without the costs associated with the stabiliser (consumables)

Benefits of aqueous ozone

  • Replaces up to 90% of chemicals.
  • Very versatile: use with sprayers, cleaning systems or scrubbers.
  • No transport or storage of chemicals Elimination of single-use plastics .
  • No protection requirements related to the use of chemicals Safe for staff and customers.
  • Low cleaning/disinfection costs
  • On-site production on demand. Leaves no residue
  • Reduced secondary costs for procurement and stocktaking Low carbon impact
  • Helps to protect our environment.

A natural product

Ozone is produced naturally during thunderstorms. When lightning strikes, it produces high-voltage electrical charges that cause oxygen gas to be converted into ozone gas.

SANZONATE uses patented Aqua Flow technology to replicate the effect of lightning on oxygen. Once ozone is produced, it is infused into ordinary tap water, creating nano bubbles. The nano bubbles increase cleaning efficiency by producing a constant level of coverage on the surface being cleaned. The nano bubble solution is attracted to dirt, germs and other contaminants. Once used, our solution reverts to oxygen and water without leaving any residue.

No stabilisers

Unlike other aqueous ozone systems, SANZONATE does not require any additional stabiliser. Once your SANZONATE Aqua Flow unit is installed, it produces aqueous ozone on demand in the desired quantity without any additional dependencies. Designed to be produced on demand and used as and when required, the Aqua Flow system produces disinfectant ozonated water that is stabilised for 4 hours thanks to its nano-bubble technology.

Easy to use and safer for your staff, requiring no training in the use of chemicals. Every time your staff use Aqua Flow, they reduce chemical use, increase cleaning efficiency and help save the planet

Aqueous Ozone, the facts

Ozone is a molecule composed of 3 oxygen atoms (o3). The molecule is very unstable. This instability plays a large part in the way ozone acts as a powerful cleaning agent. Aqueous ozone is several times more powerful than bleach. Ozone works on the principle of oxidation. Because it is naturally very unstable, ozone is attracted to contaminants. The extra atom in the ozone molecule destroys the contaminant and in the process returns to its natural oxygen state. Ozone oxidises immediately on contact with pathogens including bacteria, moulds and viruses. It is also a powerful deodorant.

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