Disinfection, purification water air surfaces by
ozone, oxygen, hydrogen - O3 O2 H


Water as an example of nature

Through outstanding engineering work, we have succeeded in establishing the premium brand aquaSpin on the water market. The aquaSpin is the new dimension in physical and energetic water treatment with a technology that follows the example of nature and a special meandering whirlpool. The unique technology will guarantee a better quality of life, more pleasure and more benefits for buyers and consumers in the future.

The calm, straight-flowing water reflects nature.

If a river is allowed to run its course, then meanders, whirlpools and a vortex are formed, which constantly circulate the water and eventually enrich it with oxygen. It is possible for water to revitalize itself by flowing over a gravel bed, swirling and thus ridding itself of negative information.

Maybe that's why fresh spring water is so good!


"Understanding and copying nature." - Viktor Schauberger

Schauberger developed a completely new concept of nature, energy and ultimately consciousness. His understanding of nature and technology differed fundamentally from that of our highly industrial civilization today. In the course of his work, Schauberger was granted 13 patents.

Viktor Schauberger is considered, along with Wilhelm Reich, Nikola Tesla and Georges Lakhovsky, to be the inventor of what is known as "free energy".


Technology that captivates the world

The Vulcan anti-limescale system is an environmentally friendly water treatment system that helps you to get rid of lime deposits and rust problems in your pipes and appliances in the long term. Vulcan uses an electronic technology that disrupts the crystallization process of liquid calcium. The treatment consists of capacitive current pulses that make the lime scale lose its adhesion. This pulse technology revolutionizes water treatment as it does not use salt or chemicals.

  • The environmentally friendly anti-limescale solution
  • No salt or chemicals
  • Suitable for all pipes between1/2" and 20″ (~10-500 mm) in diameter
  • Cast in acrylic to last over time
  • Simple do-it-yourself installation, no need to cut pipes
  • Suitable for all pipes: copper, iron, copper, stainless steel, PVC, galvanized iron, PE-x, composite, etc.

Our technology

The meandering and swirling spiral

The meandering and swirling spiral is made of food-grade plastic. It is safe for humans, animals and the environment (in accordance with the Food Safety Act). The vortex spiral guides running water through a sinusoidal curve, also called a meander. "You have to understand nature in order to copy it. The shape of the POM meandering vortex spiral is copied from nature and has been integrated into a compact device. It is based on research by Viktor Schauberger. In the curves of the vortex spiral, the water flowing through it even forms micro-vortexes. The water swirls once to the left and then again to the right. The water then experiences a strong activation, such as it only experiences directly in nature. At the exit of the vortex spiral, the water is brought to an implosion effect (with an airless space inside) by the high line pressure (3 to 4 bar). The water is levitated by the vortex that forms, i.e. it is brought into a higher energy state.

Behind the spiral, a cavity is formed at the top by the swirling water. This creates a suction effect towards the middle of the pipe and thus an implosive, i.e. centripetal force, which gently pushes lime and rust deposits away from the following pipes. These effects, which act differently in nature, are reproduced with the aquaSpin and have been proven in numerous tests. The water is not only revitalised but also energetically cleaned.


The activator: the secret of our water activation

Inside the vortex spirals there is a bio-energy or orgone emitter with a geometrically shaped radiation which consists of brass, copper, rock crystals, cotton and quartz sand which have a positive influence on the energy intake. The organic cotton, the glass bulb with soothing water, the energy coil, the special micro-swirl and the special meandering water pipe, which are part of the system, perfectly complete this unique activation.


Copper spirals - additional activation

Two copper spirals have been integrated to increase the principle of action. These have the property to give the water an additional impulse for its energization. This effect was discovered by the Russian researcher George Lakhovsky. Copper, as a metal, is considered invigorating, stimulating or vitalizing for man, animal and earth. We use directly on the tip of the orgone emitter with its 9 fins a copper spiral clockwise with 11 turns. Another counter-clockwise copper spiral with 13 turns is integrated in the aquaSpin. The simultaneous use of a clockwise and counter-clockwise spiral is done intentionally, as both principles occur everywhere in nature. Left rotation is considered "energetically purifying", or "eliminating parasitic vibrations" and right rotation is considered "vitalizing" or "invigorating".

The orgone transmitter

  1. 4 fins for geometrically shaped radiation
  2. Orgone mini-turbo transmitter
  3. Bioenergy accumulator (orgone transmitter) with spiral probe
  4. 9 fins for geometrically shaped radiation
  5. Hyperbolically shaped tip

The orgone transmitter

The central core of the aquaSpin is the so-called orgone transmitter. Orgone energy is based on a discovery by Dr. Wilhelm Reich. This orgone emitter collects the biovital energy of nature and can purify it again and strengthen the water in the pipes with many positive information. The water thus regains its original vital quality. The orgone transmitter consists of brass, which is an alloy of copper and zinc. Brass is the perfect symbiosis of these two classic metals. As a metal, brass is neutral for humans, animals and the environment and is considered harmless (suitable for food use).

The back of the orgone transmitter is a hollow body. In the chamber there is a small turbocharger with a spiral-shaped threaded rod that rotates straight and constant. It is filled with intensely luminous substances from nature. In its alternating layers are organic cotton, transparent polished rock crystals and high-purity quartz sand. The rear chamber of the orgone emitter has the effect of a catalyst: here the negative space radiation is purified.

Due to its geometrically shaped radiation (based on the findings of the American researcher Drunvalo Melchizedek), the orgone transmitter is able to transmit subtle information. The nine fins of the transmitter serve to reinforce the biovital fine matter information to be transmitted. Due to the strong oscillation of the 9 fins, which act as insulators, the orgone emitter is permanently energetically purifying itself and does not collect any negative foreign information from its immediate environment.

The hyperbolic shape of the tip collects the fine material information of the orgone emitter kit in a bundle and transmits it in the form of forward directed waves to the water flowing through the pipe. At the entrance of the meandering spiral in the round probe there is additionally a small orgone turbo emitter, which already radiates in the direction from which the water in the pipe comes. Thus the incoming water is already pre-informed with positive fine matter information, before it flows into the meandering spiral of the aquaSpin. Overall, the water is energized to a very large extent through the integrated orgone emitter and the small turbo emitter, and the information of toxic substances is erased in the energy zone.

The advantages

Our protector of your pipes

Protection of your household installations

Water quality

Water as a carrier of life and our number one foodstuff

Device protection

Effective protection against limescale

Our water activators

Bioenergetically invigorated water

Examples from industry and commerce

Our technology inspires and we have already won partners from various fields for us. In addition to the examples below, our technology also benefits gardeners, farmers, juice bottlers, etc.

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