Disinfection, purification water air surfaces by
ozone, oxygen, hydrogen - O3 O2 H


The OPC-Y generator, equipped with castors, is available from the 10 gO3/h version to the 100gO3/h version for 2 types of room volumes, i.e. up to 500 m3 or up to 1000 m3. It creates ozone by corona discharge. Thanks to its powerful integrated fan, it creates an air circulation that conducts the ozone into the smallest corners. And that's what makes the difference.


Ozone, file 43 at the INRS, is no longer a subject of debate. It is one of the most powerful virucide, biocide, fungus.

Ozone is classified in the top 3 of the most powerful oxidants, far more effective than chlorine and especially in much shorter contact time. 99% of pathogens and organisms are destroyed with a concentration of 2 ppm in 30 seconds. OPC-Y can concentrate 2 ppm for 1 hour on a room of up to 1000 m3. At this level, we are close to sterilization.

OPC-Y, ISO and CE certified, HS CODE 8543709990, oxidizes pathogens, destroys the RNA envelope of the virus and attacks the fungal wall of fungi.

You can achieve a disinfection close to sterilization because the processing time can be up to 99 minutes.

Easy to use: depending on the volume of the room, you determine the time, press the "ON" button, leave the room and close the door.

Ozone is so powerful that it kills odour bacteria.

You are sure that everything is disinfected, every nook and cranny, nothing is forgotten.

The machine works by itself for you. No need to watch. Just make sure no one enters the room during ozone generation.


Ozone is produced by a silent, air-cooled corona discharge. At the same time, the generator circulates the air in the room thanks to its very powerful fan.


Very simple disinfection procedure in human absence

It is an ecological disinfection process because ozone does not emit any residue.

One hour after the treatment, the ozone was transformed into oxygen because it has a half life.

No consumables to pay

Assess the volume of the room.

You make sure there's no one in the room...

You close the windows and turn off the ventilation...

Using the table provided, you determine the processing time

You program the time (max. 99 minutes)

You press "ON".

You go out of the room and make sure no one can get in...

You wait 3 times the time you have programmed with a minimum of 1 hour of non treatment.

For example, if you program 45 minutes, you have to wait 45mn x 3 or 2h15mn all included.

Another example, if you program 5 minutes, you have to wait 5 minutes + 1 hour, i.e. 1 hour and 5 minutes all inclusive.

You enter the room for ventilation or turn the ventilation back on.

Si vous souhaitez écourter le temps d’attente, il l’est toujours possible équipé d’un masque respiratoire avec cartouche. Aérer la pièce vous permettra d’accélérer l’accès au public. Toutefois, vous ne devez permettre l’accès qu’après avoir mesuré une valeur < 0,1ppm de concentration d’ozone par un dispositif de mesure de type AEROQUAL S500 ou équivalent.

Disinfection is carried out

  • No persistence, no residue
  • Ozone is natural, powerful and environmentally friendly.
  • No use or storage of chemicals


Hotel rooms, old people's homes, hospitals, clinics, nurseries, doctors' and dentists' surgeries, veterinary clinics, vehicles, caravans, trains, airplanes, warehouses, cold rooms, industrial premises, production laboratories, gyms, sports halls, restaurants.

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