Our job

OZONE EXPERT masters the exceptional oxidizing powers of ozone, allowing to face the problems of bacterial, viral and fungal sanitation and disinfection. The applications of ozone can be found in many areas of production such as :

-Wine-growing: Treatment of disinfected water in tanks for spraying on the vines, disinfection of cellars, barrels and vats.

-Hotels Public spaces: Disinfection and treatment of odours in rooms or common areas, ozonated water spraying to replace household products, treatment of laundry with cold ozonated water.

- Commerce, butcher shops and delicatessens: Disinfection of cold storage rooms, cleaning - disinfection of floors, laboratory, tables, tools.

- Laundries: Washing clothes in cold ozonated water.

-Veterinarians: Disinfection of cages, tools, tables and space in the presence or absence of animals.